4 February 2017

Fiji headphones from Konix

2017-02-14T12:03:23+02:004 February 2017|Audio accessories|

Technical characteristics: - Wired stereo headset that is adjustable with a very attractive design - Diameter of the earpiece: 50mm - Frequency response: 30 ~ 16000 Hz - Sensitivity: 117  +- 3 dB (1 kHz) - Impedance: 32 Ohm - Minimum rated power input: 10 mW; Maximum input power: 30 mW - Connection: 3.5 mm Jack - Cable length: 1.2 m - Compatible with iOS, Android, PC - Available in 3 models  

30 January 2017

Easars SPARKLE Gaming Headset for PC – 7.1

2017-02-14T12:05:57+02:0030 January 2017|Audio accessories, Gaming accessories|

All gamers have to be equipped for the long gaming sessions. The Easars Sparkle headset offers significant sound quality with 7.1 virtual surround sound and its 50 mm speakers. It also has a unidirectional microphone with noise cancellation.   Characteristics: - Diameter 50 mm - Hifi Speakers - Comes with a virtual 7.1 sound card, the Sparkle headphone can turn into a  surround sound gaming headphone. - Adjustable headphone. - Noise-reducing cushions. - Automatically adjustable casings. - Microphone with Fengyu noise cancellation technology. - Maximum power capacity of 150mW.

20 January 2017

Platinum Wireless Headset – Sony Computer Entertainment

2016-12-12T11:50:06+02:0020 January 2017|Audio accessories, Gaming accessories|

Immerse yourself in the heart of your video game universe and experience a real sound revolution with this premium-quality wireless platinum headset: - Virtual Surround 7.1 improved for all PS4 games. - 3D Audio Mode offering sound precision from all directions in compatible games. - Custom audio modes, meaning you can experience your games just as the developers intended. - Highly elegant foldable design, with improved battery life and a 3.5mm jack for use with PlayStation VR and mobile devices.

19 January 2017

ARK 300 Triton headset for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC and Mobile

2016-12-13T12:17:34+02:0019 January 2017|Audio accessories, Gaming accessories|

With its new design the ARK series preserves its aesthetic qualities no matter the pad settings. Extensively tested and adjusted with rigorous analytical software, the ARK headsets fit snugly but are comfortably light. The ARK 300 is the most advanced headset we have ever created. It has an HDMI pass-through 4K-compatible interface, which delivers a 7.1 uncompressed sound to provide the most precise  DTS Headphone: X surround sound experience. A wireless ultra-low latency connection transmits game sounds and voice from the headset to the base station, which is also a charger when the headset is not in use. This is [...]

22 December 2016

ARK 100 Triton headset for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC and Mobile

2016-12-12T11:53:51+02:0022 December 2016|Audio accessories, Gaming accessories|

With its new design, the ARK series preserves the aesthetic qualities regardless of how the pads are set up. Extensively tested and adapted with rigorous analytical software, the ARK headsets fit snugly but are comfortably light. The main 60mm speaker feeds the powerful bass and mediums for maximum immersion. The 10mm secondary speaker provides high net frequencies to help you track down your enemies. Specifications: - Mono-curve design, combining ergonomics and audio accuracy for the most comfortable and stylish headset on the market. - Multi-speaker precision technology providing a powerful, ultimate audio experience. - Dynamic RGB lighting allows you to [...]

5 October 2016

Gaming headset for PS4

2016-10-05T15:30:59+02:005 October 2016|Audio accessories, Gaming accessories, Products|

Konix gaming headset, designed for gamers. A perfect isolation. The Konix gaming headset for PS4 is designed with large neodymium speakers to completely cover your ears and offer a perfect isolation. In order to render the best quality sound, loud or low, the headset has a wide range of frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Therefore enjoy your game totally! An ergonomic gaming headset Plug&play, this gamer’s headset can be plug directly into the PS4 controller. You can easily control the volume through the headset. In order to ensure good communications, the built-in microphone can be adapted to the [...]

26 August 2016

INNELEC: exclusive and official distributor for SOMIC and EASARS

2016-10-05T14:12:32+02:0026 August 2016|Audio accessories, Gaming accessories, News|

Since June 2016, Innelec has been exclusive distributor for the SOMIC and EASARS brands in France and in Europe. SOMIC has in 10 years become one of the top specialists in the OEM production of headsets worldwide. Conscious of the importance of gaming, in May 2016 SOMIC launched in France EASARS, the PC Gaming peripherals design company. SOMIC has its own ultra-modern acoustic research center and design and R&D center in Germany. EASARS proposes the VORTEX for under €50, making it the cheapest 7.1 headset on the market. The Vortex ships unparalleled know-how: lightweight, noise-canceling, ergonomic [...]

26 August 2016


2016-10-04T10:21:22+02:0026 August 2016|Audio accessories, Mobility accessories, News|

  Konix, the accessories creator, launched in late May 2016 its new range of FIJI products: high-quality, fun accessories offering exceptional value for money. This new range takes its inspiration from the tropical isles, with colorful packaging suggesting the promise of a fantastic summer beckoning. This new FIJI range from Konix is composed of powerbank, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, travel adapters, micro-USB cables, Lightning cable and waterproof case. You can take these light and handy accessories with you wherever you may roam! Their striking design and their attractive pricing will win over young and old alike! Konix FIJI products incorporate [...]

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