25 August 2023

Innelec Distribution: Western Digital

2024-02-13T15:36:55+02:0025 August 2023|Games console, News, Product lines, Spin-off products, Storage accessories|

Discover our officially licensed Nintendo micro SD cards (Zelda, Mario, Yoshi, Animal Crossing) and Fortnite for the Switch console. For the PS5 console, Western Digital offers 1TB and 2TB internal hard drives under official PlayStation license. Create additional sales in your multimedia sections. 🔥🕹️

3 March 2017

Nintendo Switch

2017-03-28T08:34:09+02:003 March 2017|Games console|

Whenever, wherever and with whoever I want! The console can be connected to your TV, but take it out of its dock and it instantly transforms into a portable gaming console with its own 6.2 inch screen. The Nintendo Switch console has a multi-point, touch screen opening up new gameplay possibilities for compatible games. The battery life varies depending on the games being played and the conditions of use: from 3 hours for a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to 6 hours for other games. To recharge your console on the move, just plug the [...]

2 September 2016

Nintendo Classic Mini

2016-11-28T09:22:54+02:002 September 2016|Games console|

Relive the good old days, or discover the classics of gaming with a retro Nintendo console, available from 12 November! Nintendo Mini Classic Console: Nintendo Entertainment System, on sale from 12 November proposes an exceptional trip back to the 80's. This miniature replica of the famous Nintendo console allows you to discover the classic design from NES in a new way. Connect the console to an HDTV through the HDMI cable to enjoy the 30 pre-installed NES games, including the classic Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man or Kirby's Adventure. Nintendo Classic Mini Console: Nintendo [...]

2 September 2016

New Xbox One S

2016-11-28T09:23:58+02:002 September 2016|Games console|

Play games from the most spectacular catalogue, including the classic Xbox 360, on a 40% smaller console. Don't be fooled by its size: with an internal power supply and up to 2TB of internal storage, the Xbox One S is the most advanced Xbox in history. 40% smaller. 2TB of storage. Internal power supply.

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