18 May 2017


2017-05-03T10:58:49+01:0018 May 2017|Console & PC games|

The game that upheaved the fighting game genre in the 90s is back on the Nintendo Switch, with a host of new features! A cast of colossal characters: players will be able to choose from all of the original fighters and bosses, as well as the characters added in Super Street Fighter II, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken! Choose your playing style: retro graphics for the nostalgic, or enjoy the game's new modern look! Use the Joy-Con to face another player anywhere, anytime. Perform amazing, devastating combos and show your opponent who's the strongest! In addition to being able to [...]

16 May 2017


2017-05-03T10:57:31+01:0016 May 2017|Console & PC games|

Throw yourself into a dangerous journey in a hostile, alien world. Abandoned on an unknown planet with only rudimentary equipment to survive, you'll have to find The Pilgrim – a space station that crashed to the ground – as well as its survivors in an attempt to get home. Farpoint was designed for PlayStation VR from the ground up. Using the PS VR controller, you can interact directly with the digital world. Playstation VR required Also available: the edition including the game + the PlayStation VR Aim Controller (Playstation VR required)

12 May 2017


2017-05-03T10:56:44+01:0012 May 2017|Console & PC games|

Set off to discover a dreamlike world and explore the magnificent landscapes of RiME, the new puzzle-adventure game by Tequila Works (the studio that created the much-awarded game Dead Light). Play as a young boy, shipwrecked on a mysterious island following a terrible storm. You will discover wild animals, ancient, lost ruins and a gigantic tower that seems to call out to you. Armed with your ingenuity and determination – and with the help of a malicious fox – explore this enigmatic island, reach the top of the tower and uncover its most cherished secrets.    

11 May 2017

Jamiroquai : Automaton

2017-05-03T10:57:37+01:0011 May 2017|Audio CD|

Jamiroquai signs its comeback! With more than 35 million albums sold around the world and a career of almost 25 years, the British band, led by the charismatic Jay Kay, has imposed its style. Who could forget "Cosmic Girl", "You Give Me Something" or "Virtual Insanity"? After an absence of seven years, Jamiroquai is returning to the front of the stage, with a new studio album: "Automaton". List of titles: 1. Shake it on 2. Automaton 3. Cloud 9 4. Superfresh 5. Hot property 6. Something about you 7. Summer girl 8. Nights out in the jungle 9. [...]

10 May 2017


2017-05-03T10:54:30+01:0010 May 2017|Console & PC games|

After the success of MXGP and MXGP 2, Milestone decided to enter a new phase and push the realism of the official Motocross World Championship simulation even further. The first time the Unreal Engine 4 – one of the most advanced game engines – has been used, this year, it ensures incomparable graphic quality and immersion multiplied tenfold, thanks to reworked physics. Dynamic weather, terrain deformations, particle effects… the whole game has been overhauled. MXGP 3 obviously offers all of the season's official contents (drivers, motorcycles, circuits, sponsors and more) as well as the famous Motocross of Nations. Create your [...]

8 May 2017


2017-05-03T10:53:44+01:008 May 2017|Console & PC games|

Kate Walker – the young New York-based lawyer heroine from Syberia 1 and 2 – unconscious and adrift in a makeshift boat after escaping from the island of Syberia. She is retrieved by some nomads – the Youkol, who live apart from the world according to ancestral traditions – whom she decides to accompany in their exodus to lead the snow ostriches to the impenetrable sacred steppes where they will be able to reproduce. It is a journey through alternately enchanting and devastated landscapes that will make the young woman experience her most dangerous and wonderful adventures, constantly followed by [...]

5 May 2017

Nintendo Switch accessories – Konix

2018-01-17T12:44:49+01:005 May 2017|Gaming accessories, Products|

Discover the full range of Konix accessories for the Nintendo Switch at Innelec: Nintendo Switch carrying case - Dual opening protective cover - 1 console compartment - 2 separate compartments: for controllers and up to 18 game cartridges   Nintendo Switch travel case  - Transport bag - Shoulder bag - Compartment for console and game cartridges - Fast, easy access   Nintendo Switch protection pack - Silicone protection for the console and controllers - Better handle grip This pack contains: - Cleaning cloth - Screen protector - Anti-reflective coating   x2 Nintendo Switch ergonomic [...]

3 May 2017


2017-05-03T10:53:11+01:003 May 2017|Console & PC games|

Put yourself to the test in a ruthless tournament, where only the most seasoned riders can aspire to intergalactic glory. At stake are glory, credits… and your life, while the StarBlood Network broadcasts all of your actions and gestures for the viewing pleasure of a universal public who love action. This game requires PlayStation VR to operate properly.    

1 May 2017

Harry Potter “Ollivander” Wand

2018-01-17T12:43:56+01:001 May 2017|Products, Spin-off products|

Authentic, official replicas of the wands of the main characters in the Harry Potter films. These resin wands, presented in "Ollivander" collection boxes, with a velvet case, are moulded to the shape of the wand. Two sails on each side of the case come together to cover it, giving a noble appearance. The wand mimics holly wood, with a handle similar to raw bark. Officially licenced Harry Potter product.    

28 April 2017


2017-05-03T10:51:28+01:0028 April 2017|Console & PC games|

Persona 5 tells the inner and outer conflicts of high school students – those of the game's hero and the group of friends he meets during the course of the story. They lead a double life under the name of Phantom Thieves. They appear to be rather ordinary Tokyo high school students: they follow their classes, go out to have fun after classes and have odd jobs nearby. But they also take part in extraordinary adventures, using their supernatural powers to enter people's hearts. This power comes from their Persona, the name of the psychological concept described by Carl Jung. The [...]

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