2 March 2017

Gyroboarder single wheel

2017-03-28T08:33:18+02:002 March 2017|Urban mobility and connected things|

A single-wheel Gyroboarder with on-board computer and USB port. Specifications: - Brand: Gyroboarder - Top speed 20 kph - BLUETOOTH - Maximum range: 35 km after a full charge - Also depends on the weight of the driver and road conditions - Maximum load: 120 kg - LED headlights: normal mode - Protection mode - Power consumption: while the charge is greater than 85%, 4 LEDs are lit - Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 70 mm - Tyre diameter: 360 mm - Weight: 9.8 kg (13kg in its box) Available in: - White & Red - Black   [...]

12 February 2017

Revell GPS Quadcopter Pulse Drone

2017-02-14T11:58:04+02:0012 February 2017|Urban mobility and connected things|

The GPS Quadcopter drone has a 720 pixel camera and a GPS that allows it to fly in hover mode and to return to the departure point. The altitude mode allows the drone to control the height selected by the barometric sensors. The gyroscope with 6 axes provides it with great stability.   Characteristics: • 4-way 2.4GHz Radio for indoor and outdoor usage in calm weather. • Headless Mode*. • Altitude Mode, it controls the selected height. • Stationary mode with GPS. • 720 pixel HD camera (photos and videos). • LED display. • Easy Charging via USB cable with [...]

15 December 2016

FitBug Orb Activities Tracker – White Model – FITBUG

2016-12-12T12:28:42+02:0015 December 2016|Urban mobility and connected things|

Take charge of your fitness with the Fitbug activities tracker! Features: - An attractively-priced multi-use activities tracker - Attaches to your wrist or clothing and records your movements - Daily calculation of the number of steps, distance travelled, calories burned or sleep quality - Dedicated "Kik" application with personalised tracking statistics - A clip and bracelet/watch for wearing the Fitbug sensor as you please - Long battery life: 6 months - Compatible with Android 4.3, Bluetooth Smart (v4) or later version - Compatible with iOS, Bluetooth Smart (v4) or later version  

14 December 2016

Strobe mini-siren SS1005 SMANOS – Blue model

2016-12-12T12:27:41+02:0014 December 2016|Urban mobility and connected things|

The SS1005 is a compact siren that can be plugged directly into a power outlet and that functions as an additional indoor siren regardless of the alarm system or smanos control panel. It diverts attention from the main control panel with a powerful siren and produces fast flashes when the alarm is triggered. Technical features: - Available colours: blue, orange - Power Feed: 100 V-240 V CA, 50/60 Hz - Static current: ≤ 13 mA - Power consumption: ≤ 100 mA - Internal siren volume: 90 dB - Load accessories: 40 units - Battery: 3.7 V 600 mAh lithium battery [...]

12 December 2016

Gyroboarder Black Hammer

2016-12-12T11:37:10+02:0012 December 2016|Urban mobility and connected things|

Enjoy any terrain with the Hoverboard Hammer. Experience something completely new thanks to the Hoverboard Hammer and its 8 inch wheels, which will radically change the way you move! Explore cities, the countryside, forests and other unusual places with ease and say goodbye to punctures with the tyre-free cross country wheels! Equipped with two wheels, this board is as easy to use as you could possibly imagine: working through the natural movements of your body by calculating your centre of gravity.   With a remote control included, turn your device on and off, signal your arrival with the horn and [...]

28 September 2016

Hoverboard i-Kossem

2016-11-28T09:00:47+02:0028 September 2016|Urban mobility and connected things|

Explore the city in a different way with the i-Kossem hoverboard. This small electric vehicle works like a Segway without handlebars. Easy to use, this board on two wheels works through natural body movements by calculating the user's centre of gravity. The machine can carry a load of up to 100 kg and can travel a distance of 15 to 20 km at a speed of 10 km / h. The i-Kossem hoverboard will soon be your new means of urban transportation! And once your ride is finished, put it in its special bag. The i-Kossem hoverboard is a product made [...]

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