The idea of an era where machines roam the Earth and humans are no longer the dominant species is embodied by Aloy, a young hunter who seeks to discover his fate in the remains of the past.

Banished from his tribe at birth, Aloy has learned to use his agility, ingenuity and his deadly archery skills to hunt machinery, defend against rival tribes and survive in this unforgiving wilderness.

Unlock its greatest mysteries by travelling through a world strewn with unusual artifacts and ruins. How could machines be able to dominate the world? What happened to the previous civilization? The answers to these questions could determine the fate of Aloy… and humanity.

In this rewarding game-play of roles, which has many different options, there is a focus on the variety of strategies. Combine primitive tools with advanced technology to build something that changes predators into prey. Develop tactics to conquer the different machines and acquire captured specimens that can help you with your task.