As a young artist/author/compose /performer, Jain saw a thousand and one places that have inspired her music.

Following her father on business trips, she traveled the world throughout her childhood. The South of France to Abu Dhabi passing by Dubai and Congo, before returning to France. Jain grew up between Europe, Africa and the Middle East and her music evolved similarly, alternatring between pop, electro, reggae and soul.

Her first EP “Hope”, released on June 22 has already sold more than 3000 copies, regularly occupying the digital TOP15 since June (2015).

Her video “Come”, viewed over 2 million times, contributed significantly to the visibility of the project and recognisability of the artist, including through the “Vimeo Staff Picks” which boosted the views of the clip. Her first album “Zanaka” emerged during her journeys and encounters, a beautiful story unveiled November 6, 2015!



  1. Come
  2. Heads Up
  3. Mr Johnson
  4. Lil Mama
  5. Hope
  6. All My Days
  7. Hob
  8. Makeba
  9. You Can Blame Me
  10. So Peaceful

Performer: Jain

Release date : November 2015