Lose yourself in the world of Little Nightmares in a dark and strange tale that will force you to confront your childhood fears! Embark on a gloomy adventure within an interactive story, with a startling sound track and a unique look that will give you chills and goosebumps. Discover a world where dreams and nightmares intertwine and help Six to escape the Maw – a mysterious ship inhabited by corrupt souls in search of their next meal.

Evaluate each situation and control every movement of Six in a world where every little thing will seem huge and where the slightest moment of indecision can lead to a tragic end.





This “Six Edition” contains:
– The game Little Nightmares
– A 10cm high figurine of Six
– A cage-shaped box
– An exclusive A3 poster
– A sheet of stickers
– A CD of the soundtrack (composed by Tobias Lilja)



Release date : April 28, 2017