After the success of MXGP and MXGP 2, Milestone decided to enter a new phase and push the realism of the official Motocross World Championship simulation even further. The first time the Unreal Engine 4 – one of the most advanced game engines – has been used, this year, it ensures incomparable graphic quality and immersion multiplied tenfold, thanks to reworked physics. Dynamic weather, terrain deformations, particle effects… the whole game has been overhauled.

MXGP 3 obviously offers all of the season’s official contents (drivers, motorcycles, circuits, sponsors and more) as well as the famous Motocross of Nations. Create your own driver and team, customise your bike and equipment with a wide range of official brands, and become the next MXGP World Champion. For the first time, MXGP 3 also includes 10 2-stroke motorcycles, which have been the main request by fans for years.