In Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, you take on the role of Jon North, an expert sniper in the United States Marine Corps.

Your story begins after being moved to northern Georgia, not far from the Russian border. It is marked by mutual help, trust and betrayal. What should have been a routine operation for you actually proves to be the most difficult mission of your career, both professionally and personally.

The open game world gives you almost unlimited freedom to act and make choices. Whether you want to explore the open map on foot, by car or by using the fast-move system, the choice is yours. Make your own choices and decide on the best strategy to accomplish your missions. Move into the game world where dynamic weather and the cycle of day and night have a huge impact on the how the story unfolds, as well as your decisions.

As a bonus, this limited edition contains an additional solo campaign in which you will play as Lydia, a sniper. In the “The Escape of Lydia” downloadable content, you can play the prologue’s missions as a sniper and delve into the plot even further. Subject to availability.

English voices, French text.