Immerse yourself totally in gaming through the Afterglow LVL5+ headset in its camouflage version.

Technical data:
-Lightweight design with a comfortable headband
-Noise reducing microphone for a clear signal
-Adjustable, rotatable microphone to set to suit your preferences
-40 mm diameter supra aural comfort headphones
-Microphone volume and mute control via remote control on the cable
-Anti-tangle flat cable
-Easy volume settings and mute on the wired remote control
-Direct connection to PS4 controller for chat & audio features
– Audio compatible with PC, Mac, mobiles and TV via 3.5 mm jack
-Easy, direct audio settings (volume, mute) via the controls on the headphones
-Active magnet neodymium speakers for more power dynamics
– LED blue backlight
-“Haptic” function: independent, progressive bass setting generates vibrations for stronger, more immersive game sensations
-2  AAA Energizer batteries provided (also works in passive mode without batteries)