New York, 1926. The wizarding world is in great danger. A mysterious force is wreaking havoc in the streets of the city: the community of wizards now risks being at the mercy of the Faithful of Salem, a fanatical splinter group of the Non-Maj (the American version of “Muggle”) which is determined to wipe them out. As for the dreaded wizard Gellert Grindelwald, having wreaked havoc in Europe, he has disappeared … and cannot be found. Unaware of this simmering conflict, Newt Scamander moves to New York after a trip around the world. He has identified an extraordinary bestiary of fantastic creatures, some of which are hidden in the magical corners of his leather bag.

Available in :

– Blu-ray
– Blu-ray 3D
– Blu-ray 3D + Baguette
– 4K Ultra HD