KONIX at Gamescom, a program not to be missed


  • Presentation of our exclusively-distributed ranges: Konix Gaming, Konix Computer, Konix Drakkar
  • Participation in a prize draw for professionals to win an iPad
  • Konix Drakkar equipment available to be tested freely
  • Organization of a «Selfie Viking» competition: accessories made available to visitors for them to take photos, disguised as Vikings. Prizes will be awarded for the best selfies.
  • The «Konix Gamescom’16 Cup»: online tournaments with our e-sport team, Myth’s Legion, on Hearthstone
  • ELKY, an e-sport legend on Starcraft, one of the best French poker players, has taken on the bravest and the boldest in the game Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftHearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft



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