Kubo is an equally smart and generous soul, eking out a meager existence in his capacity as a storyteller, in a seaside village. This quiet little life and that of his companions Hosato, Akihiro and Kameyo get turned upside down when a demon from the past is summoned by mistake. On the loose, this evil spirit will bring down his wrath on the village to invoke the anger of the ancestors.

In his flight, Kubo, teamed up with Monkey and Beetle, embarks on a thrilling epic to save his family and discover the secret of his father’s downfall, the greatest samurai that the world has ever known. Using his Shamisen – a magical musical instrument – he will face all kinds of gods and monsters, including the terrible and vengeful Moon King and the ugly twin sisters in his quest to unravel the mystery of his heritage, to meet his family and to fulfill his heroic destiny.



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