Be first across the line with the new APEX Racing Wheel!

Hori did it again! Fully customisable, the APEX provides genuine racing sensations with a flawless finish: players will certainly get their money’s worth!
The Hori Design Team from Tokyo has combined all the features and quality of a superior steering wheel for a complete package at an affordable price.

Everything can be customised: dead zone, responsiveness and turning angle!

– Steering wheel, officially licenced by Microsoft.
– Optimised ergonomic design for a genuine simulation experience.
– Diameter: 280mm (1:1).
– LED lighting.
– 270° rotation angle.
– Gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.
– Clamp installation.
– Total immersion with the TouchSense® vibration technology.
– High-quality rubber coating.
– Includes a set of pedals with adjustable responsiveness levels for a realistic driving experience.
– Compatible with Xbox One/PC.