Official replicas of Harley Quinn’s baseball bat and the Joker’s cane from the film Suicide Squad!

Harley Quinn – real name Harleen Quinzel – is a psychiatrist in the asylum where the Joker is imprisoned. She falls in love with him and helps him escape several times before getting caught, which results in her losing her certification. Harleen Quinzel later becomes Harley Quinn, the Joker’s faithful accomplice.

This wooden baseball bat is an authentic replica of the one used in the film, with writing all around it, including “Good Night” in capital letters in the middle. An adhesive strip of worn, dirty fabric covers the handle.


As Batman’s nemesis, the Joker is without a doubt his biggest enemy. An ingenious, world-class criminal, his madness has no limits. To complete his dandy look, the Joker’s cane never leaves his side; it’s part of his gangster outfit.

This elegant, purple gilded cane, with a die-cast handle, inlaid with rhinestones, measures about 95 centimetres.


Replicas under official Suicide Squad licence.