World of Warcraft Monopoly

With this Monopoly Collector’s Edition, you can purchase the Twilight Highlands and experience the presence of the Old Gods. Barter for the Ice Crown and the Scourge’s bastion in your quest to take charge of the coveted lands of Northrend. Can you seize control of Orgrimmar and Stormwind? The greatest heroes of Warcraft may have failed, but with these two capitals under your dominion you will be unstoppable!

Discover the unique features of this World of Warcraft version of Monopoly.

Various races make up the special tokens:

–   1 : Chen (Pandarens)
–   5 : Magni (Nains)
–  10 : Vol’Jin (Trolls)
–  20 : Tyrande (Night Elves)
–  50 : Sylvanas (Forsaken)
– 100 : Varian (Humans)
– 500 : Thrall (Orcs)

8 years and over.
From 2-6 players.


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