With its new design, the ARK series preserves the aesthetic qualities regardless of how the pads are set up. Extensively tested and adapted with rigorous analytical software, the ARK headsets fit snugly but are comfortably light.

The main 60mm speaker feeds the powerful bass and mediums for maximum immersion. The 10mm secondary speaker provides high net frequencies to help you track down your enemies.

– Mono-curve design, combining ergonomics and audio accuracy for the most comfortable and stylish headset on the market.
– Multi-speaker precision technology providing a powerful, ultimate audio experience.
– Dynamic RGB lighting allows you to customise your headset easily with an accelorometer.
– 3 EQ Modes (Optimal, Bass Boost and Treble Boost) for the sound spectrum that is best suited for you and your game.
– The one-way pivot arm microphone transmits a precise and clear sound to your fellow players.
– 3.5mm plug and play for easy cross-platform installation.
– Battery or passive input feed.