With its new design the ARK series preserves its aesthetic qualities no matter the pad settings. Extensively tested and adjusted with rigorous analytical software, the ARK headsets fit snugly but are comfortably light.

The ARK 300 is the most advanced headset we have ever created. It has an HDMI pass-through 4K-compatible interface, which delivers a 7.1 uncompressed sound to provide the most precise  DTS Headphone: X surround sound experience. A wireless ultra-low latency connection transmits game sounds and voice from the headset to the base station, which is also a charger when the headset is not in use. This is really the perfect embodiment of the Ultimate Gaming Audio promised by Tritton.

– Mono-curve design, combining ergonomics and audio accuracy for the most comfortable and stylish headset on the market.
– Each earpiece comprises three speakers: one 60 mm providing upper and middle low frequency responses, and two 10 mms to handle the higher frequencies. Compared with the rest of the ARK series, the additional 10 mm speaker further enhances sound clarity and precision.
– Dynamic RGB lighting allows you to customise your headset easily with an accelerometer.
– The Ultimate Audio Experience DTS Surround HDMI provides an uncompressed sound on  the 7.1 channels for more precise gaming  DTS Headphone: X surround audio experiences.
– 3 EQ Modes (Optimal, Bass Boost, and Treble Boost) for the sound spectrum that suits you and your game best.
– The one-way pivot arm microphone transmits a precise and clear sound to your fellow players.
– HDMI connection for use on console but also to have a perfect audio experience if your machine can send a Linear PCM audio signal via HDMI, whether it’s a PC, Blu-Ray player, or Android set-top box .
– With the 3.5mm cable  included you can even use the ARK 300 with your personal mobile device as you get about.
– Totally wireless.
– Docking station that can charge for use of up to 15 hours (7 hours if the LEDs are on). Includes a USB cable for charging on the go.